theHunter (2012) – Blackouts Recurve Bow Hunting Vol. 1

This is my new video about hunting with the Recurve Bow. At the time of the video clip, i had the Skill for the Recurve Bow already at Degree 8.

This time around i used a brand-new workout program to capture the video clip, Dxtory, which is 1000 times much better than fraps!
I also altered the settings of Sony Vegas and also currently my video clips have a much higher quality:-RRB-.
Please leave some responses!

Regarding the Quest itself:.

Begun at 7am at my camping tent on the Southern Island on Whitehart Island. All eliminates are from the exact same quest.
Below is the connect to the hunt -.

Shots discharged: 30 Shots struck: 29 Fatal hits: 29.

Always remember to visit:

My Account Page:

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