Girls Bow hunting Whitetails – Widow Makers TV Episode 4

Tara Peel and Lindsey McConnell bow search Whitetails across the Midwest!

The Hunt for “Kick-It-In” ILLINOIS 196″ Whitetail Bow-hunt (Part 2 of 2)

If you have not already please watch (component 1) of this show to see the complete record of the dollar we called Kick-It-In. When hunting fully grown whitetails it's seldom you get second possibilities. This week Jennifer Weaver closes the last chapter on Kick-It-In. This is absolutely one of the most incredible pursues we carry movie consisting of two mature dollars combating to near fatality. We are truly blessed to be able to chase such a spectacular whitetail. Enjoy the program!

Best Hunting Bows Review

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